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Door Wedge Stopper with Alarm

Block Any Door Against Intruders - Affordable & Easy To Install -  Requires No Tools!

Use this incredible doorstopper w/alarm to block a door from being opened and scare off any intruder.The piercing 120db alarm will sound when door is pushed opened. The alarm is pressure sensitive and also works as a door wedge to help stop a home invader from getting through the door. Great product for travelers and students living on campus. Provides security in hotel rooms, homes, condos, and student dorms, in a convenient easy-to-carry size.  




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Door Wedge Stopper with Alarm - DX-IN011D

Dimensions: L 5 1/2" x W 1 3/4" x H 1 1/2"


Our price: US$9.50
Value Pack

* Mini Motion Alarm with Light

* Door Wedge Stopper with Alarm

* Personal security Alarm with Flashing Light



Our price: US$19.99
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