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Bike Cable Lock with 100db Alarm

The best Bike Cable Lock for locking bicycles, e-bikes, scooters & motorcycles!

This heavy duty bike cable lock packs a powerful piercing 100db sounding alarm. Now you can protect your bikes and personal belongings by deterring thieves with this durable lock combined with a powerful sounding alarm that attracts attention to any thief.  This is an ideal product for securing various bikes, BBQs, lawn mowers, expensive tools & machinery, trailers and so much more.

BONUS FEATURE:  As an added benefit to your home security, before retiring for the evening, this cable lock can be used to hang over the inside of your door handle. The alarm will be activated once the intruder opens the door.


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Bike Cable Lock with 100db Alarm - DX-LK215

Dimensions:  3 feet long with 3/4 inch diameter

Our price: US$24.50
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