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Product Installation Instructions


1. Place the enclosed installation template/sticker on the desired position of the door. Make sure to align the horizontal line on the template so it is level on the door. 

2. Drill holes as indicated on the template.

3. Remove the template/sticker from the door.

4. Unscrew the front of The DoorScope and place it in the hole on the outside part of the door.

5. With one hand, insert the main body of The DoorScope through the hole from the inside of the door and screw the body to the front end piece while holding with your other hand the front piece in place on the outside of the door.

6. After the front piece and the body are tight, tighten the nut on the inside to secure The DoorScope to the door completely.



The Digital Peephole Viewer fits door width of:  42-72mm or 60-90mm thickness.

1. Drill a 15mm (5/8") hole through the door.

2. Insert peephole lense from the outside of door.

3. Insert peephole barrel through base flange.  Once connected, place both into door hole from the inside. Tighten the peephole barrel with your hand (do not use any tools). Do not rotate the peephole lens outside the front door.

4. Rotate to align and attach with peephole lens.

5. Place 3 pcs AAA batteries (not included) into Digital Peephole Viewer, then simply connect the 4P cable and align it by extrusion with base flange (turning it 45 degrees to the right).

6. Once completed, turn on your Digital Peephole Viewer as it's ready to use.




Before Installation:

Prior to mounting the Digital Door Viewer, please make sure the batteries have been inserted correctly.

Installation Instructions:

1. Drill a 14mm hole in the door at eye level and insert the camera from outside. Make sure the arrow marked in the front of the camera points upwards.

2. Fit the holding plate over the end of the lens, then screw the locking barrel on to the threaded part of the camera and tighten; this will hold the plate to the door. Make sure that the arrow on the plate points upwards.

3. Carefully connect the FPC connector to the socket located on the back of the Digital Door Viewer.

4. Hook the Digital Door Viewer over the bracket at the top of the locking plate and tighten with two small screws through the holes at the bottom of the Digital Door Viewer case.