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Digital Door Viewer - DX-D100-HT

Digital Door Viewer - DX-D100-HT

The Digital Viewer is a innovative new product and visual camera peephole. The Digital Viewer uses an LCD panel to display the visitor at your door. It turns a hard to see peephole image into a big bright image. It uses digital chips and adapts the latest technology. While its installation and usage are easy, the Digital Viewer’s special connection structure does not damage or destroy the existing door structure. The Digital Viewer will be turned off if remained idle for 10 seconds to conserve the battery life. To restart the viewer, simply press the power button again. The Digital Viewer is a very useful high-tech home & business security product.

Product Features:

  • 2.5 inch LCD Screen
  • Power source 3-AAA batteries (not included)
  • Monitor who is at your door by pressing the monitor button
  • Door thickness: 40-70mm and 72 - 110mm
  • Night Visiosn in Black & White

Dimensions: L 4.0"  x  W 2 3/4"  x  H 5/8"

Weight 195.00 grams
Special 1
Our price: US$39.00
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